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Stink-Eye BBQ sauce was created by a father and son in the hills of southern Indiana. Stink-eye is a dirty look from an attitude. Stink-Eye BBQ Sauce embodies the same attitude, but the final memory is as sweet as a child's kiss. Come share some Stink-Eye BBQ Sauce with family and friends.


We hope you enjoy the many layers of flavor that Stink-Eye presents. Not satisfied with the average grocery store BBQ sauce, Jim Caldwell began searching for an unique combination of flavors. After months of experimentation, Jim, a man who had never really cooked before, began to discover the taste that he envisioned. Stink-Eye contains layers of flavor beginning with sweetness and culminating with a slight spicy kick. Stink-eye’s unique flavor sets it apart from all other sauces. Originally, Jim put the sauce in canning jars, and gave them away to family and friends. At the urging of his friends, he searched for production facilities. After a dear friend gave him a logo she had created, no obstacles remained, so production began. Currently, Stink-Eye is available in several states including Indiana, Florida, and Colorado. Try Stink-Eye with your own recipes or go to our recipe box and try one of ours. Let us know what you think.


Listen to an interview with Jim to find out about the sauces and to learn some tips!!

The book "BBQ Sauce, Rubs and Marinades for Dummies" includes two recipes from Jim Caldwell!



Stink-Eye BBQ is now available at the central Indiana Meijer stores.


DILBERT: @ Scott Adams Dist. By United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

DILBERT: @ Scott Adams Dist. By United Feature Syndicate, Inc.